In rural Argentina life proceeds at a pace all but forgotten in Europe and North America. The Estancia La Julia is no different. It is set in the countryside of Argentina, yet the local town of General Belgrano is not far away.   Pick up the rhythm of the day and relax by the pool.  Unwind and just enjoy the fresh clean air, endless wildlife and be at one with nature.  Explore the Estancia and local countryside on foot or on horseback (whatever the standard of your riding we can provide you with a suitable mount). If you feel more energetic you are welcome to help out on the estate and learn more about rural life in Argentina.

BBQs are special in La Julia. We love to BBQ a spatchcocked a lamb or a whole rib of beef. If you like we can show you how to do it and you can help us if you would like to.  The meat has a taste that will make you want to try it back home as well.

Our chef will prepare you meals.  We generally all eat together in the the dining room, where each evening, you can make new friends, enjoy the conversation and relive the adventures of the day.